Paintings, Commissions and Collaborations

Fine art paintings for sale, commissions for your home or business and collaboration projects.

Over the last 21 years I have supplied fine art for commercial projects, carried out commissions for private clients either to fit with a given look and work within a set of client-defined boundaries, or to provide a piece of art created especially with them in mind.

Fine art supply and sales

Painting Commissions

Projects, installations and collaborations

Working with an artist to create a work for your specific needs

You may wish to buy a painting that’s already been created or you might like to discuss the wide ranging possibilities of creating a bespoke piece to fit within a space, whether that’s painted straight onto the wall, across multiple surfaces, or simply a bespoke fitted canvas. The creative possibilities are wide-ranging and flexible in line with the environment and your taste.

Whilst my personal choice for my artist practice is very specific, I have worked either to an open brief or a much tighter one that can encompass a range of artistic styles and methods.

There may be somethign in my portfolio or earlier practice that fits closely with the vision you have for your project. The very nature of approaching an collaboration, whether that be for your home or a business project, is that there is a two way creation and expansion of an idea and I am happy to explore the possibilities with you.

Find out more about how to commission an artist.

High quality materials to last a lifetime

My paintings and commissions are going to live with you for a long time. For that reason I order in custom canvases using high quality artist grade materials to your specific bespoke size.

My canvas stretchers are professionally made on deep frames and ordered in from a specialist supplier. This means that the frames won’t warp over time as they are high grade kiln dried wood which is properly cross braced and tensioned. The canvas too is high grade and primed for artists oil or acrylic paints.