Latest plans for my Grey's Wharf Residency 1st September - 12th October 2020

This is an invitation to join me virtually in my art practise as I embark on a 6 week programme of scaling up and generating new paintings that break through the boundaries in my current work.

I’ll be occupying this beautiful studio at Grey’s Wharf on the river in Penryn undertaking an artists studio residency. I will be documenting the residency, my painting processes and development and creating a new, exhibitable body of paintings. I will be sharing my progress by streaming, blogging, taking video, and updating on my website and social media channels.

At the end of the event I will be creating an exhibition of the new work.

This is the first residency offered by Grey’s Wharf and I am very lucky to have been awarded this opportunity.

We aim to enable artists to develop their practice by providing a space to explore concepts, experiment with scale and materials, test ideas or take a new direction. We offer a supportive, professional creative community with 20 practitioners based in individual and shared studios as well as additional gallery and events spaces.

Through the residency I hope to:

  • Push the boundaries and take risks to advance my work.
  • Create a three dimensional experiential environment, amplifying the planes of colour (paintings as an installation to surround the viewer) with more 3 dimensional paintings that explore the use of different ‘canvas’ materials
  • Make work that literally pops out of the canvas, transitions out of the canvas and is on and off the walls, the canvas and other three dimensional pieces around the room.

The residency offers me space in which to both do some big paintings, and also to stand back to review, critique and judge them. As a part of the residency, I am lucky to be able to gain critical feedback from artist practitioner Naomi Frears who is not only a hugely successful professional visual artist, but also tutor at the St Ives School of Painting.

I have already been starting to work out what I need to order to achieve a project over the 6 week period. I’ve downloader an AR (Augmented Reality) app to help with planning for the space and to help me to visualise the end result I might achieve. This is a jump forwards in my process from simply jumping in to ‘doing’ from my head or from a quick sketch. I’m investigating the processes that interior designers use to show prospective designs to clients (and if you are an interior designer reading this, then please do get in touch with me if you are happy to share your tips!). I hope to be able to post visualisations prior to the finished work being created.

Having visited Grey’s Wharf Studios yesterday I now have canvases to order, suppliers to research, materials to test and decisions to make as to what the end result is going to be.

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