Private Art Studio Visits

Welcome back to private studio visits!

I’m so excited to be able to welcome you back to private studio visits! After the devastating fire at Krowji and huge periods with restrictions on opening up workspaces, and with Open Studios cancelled for the second time, I am keen to share my work with you.

An art studio visit is the perfect way to view art and get to know the artist, their work and processes and the ideal environment in which to view and buy art. Dealing directly with the artist you can see uncurated back catalogues, pieces that haven’t been published and really get a feel for a piece and experience it.

Getting the full creating experience.

My studio contains work in progress, reference pieces, finished works that are set aside for exhibiting or professional development, plus works that I am ready to release. In my environment I enjoy telling people about  processes and demonstrating how my work comes into being.

What to expect when you visit my studio.

In my own creating space it’s a relaxed environment. At present we have to adhere to social distancing, wearing masks and hand sanitising, but through Open Studios and my recent exhibition this has become easier to manage. If you’d like to learn more there is a section in this article about Covid protocol at Krowji. I’ll make you a coffee, we’ll chat about my work and if you’re interested, there will be some work available that you can buy including my ply panels, gloss paintings, larger oil and acrylic paintings, giclee art prints and Christmas baubles.  What’s for certain is that you might see something that isn’t on my website or the online shop

And if I want to buy something?

I’ll pack it and you can take it with you, or if it’s bigger we can organise delivery. We can discuss commissions too. I have card payment facilities, invoicing/ bank transfer, PayPal and other payment options.

So book a studio visit and see what might inspire you!

Book a studio visit by sending me a message below.