Trudie Moore Art Studio

A new blank canvas

Some more big news for me! I’ve taken a leap and moved into a much bigger studio space in the phase 2 development in Krowji!
My new studio in the new phase 2 development of Krowji will enable me to continue creating my large scale paintings, and experiment with immersive elements of colour and scale within three dimensional painting installations so that I can innovate within my practise.

Space to expand

my professional practise

So it’s been a busy week but after some floor painting of the new space, removals and redecorating of my small space in studio 108 I spent some time yesterday zoning my new studio so that I can work from the floor to easel to wall to trestles.. and there will be interesting things hanging from the ceiling!
You’ll now find me in studio 121, Percy Williams Building just along the corridor and over the bridge from my old space. I’m open to private studio visits once restrictions are lifted so please contact me to book your visit!

Trudie Moore Art Studio

Trudie Moore abstract painting geometric 2018

Open Studios Cornwall 2020

Open Studios Cornwall is from 29th August to 6th September 2020.

Open Studios Cornwall is a coordinated Cornwall-wide event where artists from all over Cornwall open their studios at the same time, 

creating a county wide festival of art, design and craft.

More than 200 artists, designers and makers are taking part in the Open Studios, 30 of those are located at Krowji in Redruth and so if you plan to visit me in my studio there, you will be able to see an even bigger selection of the wealth of creative talent Cornwall has to offer all in one place.

I am aiming to create a gallery-level experience during this event, so whilst you might have been missing the pleasure of visiting exhibitions and galleries for contemporary art in the spring and summer this year, I will be bringing a feeling of this to you through my plans for an integration of in person, virtual (videos & documentation) and connecting with me live through a stream of me at work.

Visit Trudie Moore’s artist studio in August and September

Because we have had a little longer to prepare for the new dates of this event, I have come up with more of an experiential format for the event incorporating exhibition, private views and appointments, online (virtual) videos, a documentation experience streamed from my live residency and, of course, the usual drop-in format.

On show at my studio at Krowji, Redruth –

Gallery style exhibition, private appointments, drop-ins at the main event and a live stream to my residency.

Open studios are a brilliant way for you to see my work, my art is meant to be enjoyed by the natural eye for the greatest benefit of the colour, scale, textures, lines, edges, transparencies, surfaces. You can’t get a good enough impression of my paintings from an online image as it’s very hard to convey the experience (one of the reasons I have started doing talk-through videos on IGTV – Instagram TV, so show and describe the work). So coming to see me in person in the studio where you can come simply to chat and find out more will offer so much more.

I will be showing a selection of recent and older work, and I will have pieces for sale to take away with you.

Come and have a chat with me about my work, how I work, what my work is about, buy a painting or even give me critical analysis! I have loads to talk about, The Christmas Open Studios at Krowji delivered some really deep and insightful conversations that were enjoyed immensely on both sides.

A virtual window into the creation of my newest work – streaming from my residency 1st-4th September

I will be working from a residency in Penryn on the weekdays of Open Studios and so I am working to create an online journal/ diary of me at work on my new project. The residency commences on 1st September and runs until 12th October and so you will see me via a stream, blog, video and IGTV in the studio there between 1st to 4th September and be able to chat to me on 5th and 6th about it, and my ambitions for the future in person at Krowji (Studio 108c!).

This will be an additional experience to visiting me in Krowji as my space in Krowji is small it doesn’t allow room both for showing work in progress as well as visitors and exhibition/ viewing and so by making my big residency project available by documenting it online, not only will you be able to share in the experience of this online documentation (and I will be collecting the documentation by way of a critical aspect of my work) but you will also be able to get an insight into the future of my work, it’s direction and the ambition and scale I have for it. I will be aiming to set up a screen in my studio to show me at work at the times I’m not present at Krowji.

If you are still in Cornwall, or back in Cornwall in mid October 2020 I am hoping to hold a Private View of the new work. To be invited to this please request to sign up to my email list here.


Collect website orders from me in person

If there is a piece you would like to buy in advance of the event, you can buy it through the website and collect it at Open Studios either when I am there, or by appointment. The website has a PayPal payment gateway and takes all mainstream card payments. If there is something you wish to reserve and pay by bank transfer or cash, please get in touch with me.

Seen something you like that’s not in the shop?

If there is a piece of my work you have seen online either through my website, social media or through my old blog or old website, I can bring it to Open Studios for viewing. My back catalogue is in storage and not everything has been photographed, so if there is something you like and want to know if I have more of, I can email through images.

Like something but it’s the wrong size, colour or you have an idea for a variation or a specific place?

Likewise if you would like to discuss a commission or a project, I can compile examples for discussion and meet you to show you more!  Here is some further information on Commissions and projects and an outline on what you can achieve by commissioning an artist.


Visiting Open Studios Cornwall 2020


How I will be opening my studio to visitors for Open Studios Cornwall

Because the dates for Open Studios moved back from May to August, the dates now run at the same time as my residency at Grey’s Wharf in Penryn.  Here is how I will be opening up my studio:

  • I will be opening physically over the two weekends of Open Studios Cornwall in my studio at Krowji and so I will be present to welcome visitors into my space.
  • My space will be open when there are other artists present in my space as a gallery exhibit. I am hoping to be able to show the video/ my blog on some manner within my space and there will be contact cards to make an appointment to see me and there will be pieces hanging in the hallway to look at.
  • I will be opening virtually in two ways:
    • By updating my blog from my residency to show the progress I am making on the residency and by posting on Facebook and Instagram
    • By creating a video tour that will be uploaded to You Tube
  • By taking bookings to meet you at Krowji for an appointment

Drop in and Visit me at Krowji on 29th & 30th August 2020

Opening hours for weekend visits: 11am – 5pm Saturday and Sunday

I will be in the studio for the normal opening on the weekend days for chats, sales and information.

Make an appointment with me for a studio visit during Open Studios 2020 on weekdays

Available Hours: 9am – 8pm Monday to Friday

I will be taking bookings to show you my studio in person during the week. If you can’t visit me on the weekends, if you are an architect or an interior designer looking to source artwork or discussion during working hours, or if you are worried that the studios will be too busy, I can offer you a quieter visit to see my work when the doors to my studio space are closed.

I will be uploading a booking system to my website soon, in the meantime, Make an appointment with me by using my website contact form here.

Protocol for visiting my studio and Krowji

My space is small and I am hoping to rent a bigger room for the duration to allow for social distancing. But whatever the space available, there will be measures in place that visitors will need to adhere to to allow for a relaxed and safe environment.

  • Face masks will be a requirement to studio entry, I will be wearing a mask and I will ask that you do too
  • Hand sanitisers will be provided on entry to the building, and on entry to my studio room
  • As my space is small, I’ll only be able to welcome one person/ one ‘family unit’ / couple at a time
  • There will be a marked trail and marked waiting areas on the floor to create a comfortable flow and good spacing
  • The studios will have increased cleaning during the event and I will clean the space between visitors

Where to find my studio

I am usually in studio 108c but for the duration of Open Studios, to exhibit my work and allow for social distancing, you’ll find me in studio 220 on the 2nd floor of the Percy Williams building, just upstairs from my usual space.

Address Studio 108c, Percy Williams Building, Krowji, West Park

Town Redruth

Postcode TR15 3AJ


From A30 take main Redruth exit and follow A3047 towards Pool/Camborne.æ Pass Redruth School on left, after about 200m, turn left into West Park just before the large roundabout.æ Limited parking available on site.

Facilities:   Disabled access, toilets, disabled toilets, cafe

Open Studios artist listing for Trudie Moore

Trudie Moore’s contemporary abstract paintings explore control and restraint in the painting process. These paintings have luminous fields of colour, transparencies and opacities that act as both a visual and an actual layer over one another, and which are layers upon the surface layer of the canvas. Paintings are priced from £45–2,000.

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    Neon linings

    Back to school! Not the kind of BTS post that everyone else is sharing at the moment though!

    I’m very excited to say that today I picked up the keys to my new studio space @krowji_ in Redruth. After putting my back catalogue paintings into storage, my artistic move to Cornwall is complete.

    This is a new phase for my art career in Cornwall. The Krowji is a redeveloped Grammar school and home to around 200 other artists and creatives, I can’t wait to meet all the other tenants, see their work and businesses and get restarted.

    Every cloud has
    a neon lining

    So here’s to the neon lining on that cloud that’s emerged after saying goodbye to @twoqueensstudio 🥂

    Watch this space!