Abstract in yellow with whites, red and gloss relief

/July 2023

New abstract painting on canvas.

I’m excited to present my latest work, Untitled [Abstract in yellow with whites, red and gloss relief]. 

100 x 100cm, artist’s acrylic and water-based household gloss paint on natural canvas.

This painting continues the exploration of my ongoing body of work which started around 7 years ago.

Within this painting I am continuing to evolve the planes and space while in the background, thinking forwards to a body of sculptural and installation works that I have skills funding for from Cultivator Cornwall and the Arts Council.

The background of this work:

In this wider body of work, there is an amplification of the experience of colours, layers and planes of the painting surface into three-dimensionality, enhancing the vibrance, brilliance and clarity of colour.

The natural duck cotton gives an organic contrast with the syntheticity of the acrylic paint and it complements and enhances the tones, transparencies and opacities of the applied planes of colour.

The geometric forms and layers nod towards a three-dimensionality and future plans to widen my practice into ‘other’ dimensions.

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I retain an exhibiting body of work of my practice, to be able to share my work with more people. While not all of my works are for sale, I have made these new works available to buy through my website, and I accept commissions for work in this practice.

More about my current works in this decade

My close focus to the material of the paint and the canvas as being ‘as one’ continues to be a theme within these works, but adds in the additional aspects of light and the viewer, lifting the viewer bith physically and emotionally as they feel the ebergy of the work.

Through the exploration of the properties and abilities of paints to their most clear and luminescent ability, by using fluorescents, pastels and clean, pure colours, I aim to feel uplifted by the paintings and to share that energising impact of colour with the viewer. The paintings seem to glow and emit light bringing the colour to its highest light emission, in parts casting light out and off the canvas, bringing the focus on colour both into the painting plane itself yet also to its’ surroundings, and also showing the ability of paint with material (particularly in relation to pieces made from acrylic) to itself create light.

The ‘canvas’ both interacts with the paint as a layer itself, and provides the physical layer on which the paint can sit and perform to a great degree. By seeing surface textures through sheer veils of paint or heavy elevations in the paint application, we are reminded of the process of painting and the physicality.

By bringing the paint layers out from the ‘canvas’ we are able to experience two dimensions in a three dimensional way, in opposition to enclosing the three dimensions into a two dimensional illusion. We feel and we experience the energy that has been given by the artist to the piece through the process of painting which brings the painting into reality and this is reflected back at us.

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