Some more big news for me! I’ve taken a leap and moved into a much bigger studio space in the phase 2 development in Krowji!
My new studio in the new phase 2 development of Krowji will enable me to continue creating my large scale paintings, and experiment with immersive elements of colour and scale within three dimensional painting installations so that I can innovate within my practise.

Space to expandmy professional practise

So it’s been a busy week but after some floor painting of the new space, removals and redecorating of my small space in studio 108 I spent some time yesterday zoning my new studio so that I can work from the floor to easel to wall to trestles.. and there will be interesting things hanging from the ceiling!
You’ll now find me in studio 121, Percy Williams Building just along the corridor and over the bridge from my old space. I’m open to private studio visits once restrictions are lifted so please contact me to book your visit!
Trudie Moore Art Studio